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Surrey Eye Exams
Comprehensive Eye Exams


We are committed to providing quality eye care. Yearly eye exams include visual acuity evaluation, refraction, binocular vision testing, neurological assessment, eye pressure check and a detailed internal and external ocular health examination.
You will be carefully evaluated for many eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinal vascular diseases. As with all diseases, routine checks are beneficial for early detection and make a difference not only in your vision, but your overall health and well-being. An annual eye health examination should be an essential part of your annual healthcare program.

Delta Contact Lens
Contact Lenses


A contact lens exam is essential to ensure your lenses are fitting and feeling right on your eyes. Today, there are more convenient and healthy contact lens choices than ever before. Dryness, irritation, pain, redness and blurred vision with your current contact lenses may be an indication that they are not fitting your eyes – these are not normal symptoms of contact lens wear. Improperly fit contact lenses as well as poor hygiene with lenses can lead to serious complications such as infections, corneal inflammation, neovascularization and corneal ulcers which can lead to permanent vision loss. It is essential to have your contact lenses examined to maximize your clarity and comfort of vision.

Delta Childrens Eye Exam

Children's Vision Care

All children should have their first eye examination as early as 6 months of age. This is to ensure their eyes are developing normally and no signs of amblyopia or strabismus ("lazy eye") are present. Children should again have their eyes checked at ages 3 , 5 and every year thereafter. As children develop their eyes change rapidly, therefore catching these changes early is crucial to prevent setbacks in school.

If your child has never had their eyes examined, it’s not too late to have their first check up with our Optometrists. Children up to the age of 18 are covered under Medical Services Plan (MSP) to have full eye examinations on a yearly basis, with no additional charge at all.

Surrey Eye Disease

Eye Disease Management

The eyes are the windows to the soul and your overall health. There are many diseases that can be detected upon a routine eye health evaluation. At a yearly eye examination, you will not only be assessed for any eye-specific diseases but also signs for conditions that may be impacting your body as a whole. Diseases such has high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis are among some of the diseases your eye doctor can detect by doing a complete eye health check.

Our Eye Doctors are thoroughly trained in the recognition, diagnosis, management and treatment of all eye diseases and have built strong relationships with some of the best ophthalmologists in the Lower Mainland for management of advanced eye disease.

Diabetic Eye Disease: It is important for individuals with diabetes to have an eye health examination every 6 months. These exams are covered under MSP and are provided with no additional cost to you.

Surrey Emergency Eye

Emergency Eye Care

Just like all other injuries, those affecting the eyes should be treated immediately. Our Eye Doctors are available 6 days a week for immediate assistance to anyone who has suffered impact to their eyes, scratches, flashes and floaters or sudden vision loss. It is imperative that you seek medical attention immediately and if need be, go to your local ER for assistance.

Our Optometrists are fully certified to treat patients with therapeutic pharmaceutical agents for eye infections, inflammation, allergies, glaucoma and more.

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